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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fulcrum’s Racing 5 level wheelset may not be Fulcrum’s top of the tier wheelset, but they deserve a lot of recognition as a quality and economical option in Fulcrum’s wheel line-up.

First off, a set of Racing 5s weighs in at about 1760 grams, 
a super respectable weight. Anyone in the market for a lower weight performance wheel should check out the Racing 3 model, which is about 200 grams lighter, but going to cost you twice as much. The Racing 5 is definitely Fulcrum’s go-to model for stability and comfort in their road clincher line featuring a low, sturdy 24mm profile rim with oversized aluminum hubs encasing sealed steel bearings.  

What impressed us was that Fulcrum also laced these up with the same innovative wheel-balancing technology, Fulcrum’s Dynamic Balance, they use in their peloton worthy Racing Zero model. This Dynamic Balance system is a simple and elegant solution for balancing the entire wheel. Add to this Fulcrum’s patented two-to-one spoke ratio and the result is super stable, torsionally stiff wheelset.

At retail this set is $449. Fulcrum’s Racing 5 wheels are a top choice for the rider who’s out to spin training rides, hit a comfortable century or use in their everyday routine and wants to stick within a budget. 

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